About Us

We born in the city of Sydney, Australia - G'day mate, howzit gowen!

NKS Australia was incepted in 2009, under a notion that there needed to be a hassle-free apparel solution for the outdoor loving people of Australia.


Enjoying and navigating through the great outdoors is embedded into the Australian way of life. Geographically, the land down under is a country of vast open plains and areas of remote wilderness, where the temptation to explore is rampant.

What goes hand in hand with outdoor adventuring is the fundamental
component of acquiring the appropriate clothing. Buying the right gear the
first time around is much more cost effective than having to replace
apparel made from cheaper fabrics and constructed carelessly. Australia
faces issues around the availability and affordability of premium quality
outerwear apparel, which has predominantly come from brand’s that base
themselves in Northern Hemisphere countries like America, Japan and
parts of Europe.

We are here...

Here at NKS Australia, we endeavour to bridge the gap between Northern and Southern Hemisphere outerwear production and distribution.  NKS Australia was incepted in 2009, in the city of Sydney, Australia, under a notion that there needed to be a hassle-free apparel solution for the outdoor loving people of Australia. This would come in the form of more streamlined access to outwear and activewear manufacture and availability, where the apparel would maintain a superior Northern Hemisphere quality, yet won't break the bank.

Australia is globally isolated, which means the most straightforward and most comfortable option is for native consumers to shop from Australian-based brands.  The focus at NKS Australia is set on pulling the corners of the world closer and offers up a solution for consumers to be able to purchase affordable, quality clothing due to our resourceful and extensive background in outerwear apparel production.

All Year Round . Made With Care 


Our Range

Our range of apparel is not solely limited to outerwear.   The NKS Australia label (Registered Australia Trademark in 2013) boasts a variety of leisure and activewear apparel that is available within our clothing collections.  Our design team within NKS Australia have focused their attention to ensure our apparel stays ahead of the curve in relation to style, quality fabrications, and affordability.

NKS Australia Black label, this collection fuses both Northern American and European outerwear styles, which have then been tweaked with the Australian climate and sensibility in mind.  The result is jackets are premium quality, comfortable and stylist for you no matter what the season.  They provide UV protection, are durable, lightweight, water-resistant, breathable, quick-drying and will stand the test of time, year after year and season after season.

NKS Australia Green label, Australia is a fashion-forward nation, so it has been imperative to come up with our NKS Australia fashion range.  For the refined, contemporary go-getter, the Fashion range has American and Eastern stylistic elements thoughtfully imbued into the designs of the jackets and other apparel. This includes more embellishments and tailoring to help you to stand apart from the crowd while going further in your outdoor activities.

NKS Australia Essential label, characterised by being trendy and fashionable that make you look smart and striking. It is something that relates to being casual and relax that symbol you have a style wardrobe.  Casual is a combination of elegance with comfort.  It is design for people who would prefer to put on a simple t-shirt and pant over an essential simple but comfortable jackets that make them look casual but not compromised of stylish.   


NKS Australia - Activewear

Activewear is an enormous market in Australia, and our NKS Australia activewear range has been curated with Australia's love affair with sports and an active lifestyle in mind.  From a range of apparel, inclusive of yoga basics, sports bras, leggings, joggers and performance tops and shorts, the NKS Australia Activewear will ensure you look just as stylish during your workouts as you do with everything in between. 

When looking for reliable outdoor and active apparel that will fulfil functionality, style and comfort all year round, and has been crafted with the utmost care, NKS Australia is your next affordably worthy investment.